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Computer & Notebook Repair We Repair All Desktop PCs & LAPTOPS
Onsite Services Specializing in ON-SITE Computer Repairs.
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Flat Rate Computer problem diagnostics FLAT-RATE Diagnostics.

Serving Toronto & GTA.

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Computer Repair and Data Recovery Services

Residential and Commercial Service Available in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Richmond Hill.

Toronto PC Repair Experts

companyOur IT Technicians are highly qualified with years of experience in fixing computers and network related issues. Our experts service all computers like Dell, Hp, Compaq, Gateway… They remove virus, spywares, fix errors, remove private internet browsing history, upgrade PCs, Laptops, install networks, wireless or not, give you tips and advices…

Visit our page on computer troubleshooting, maintenance and internet security tips.

Toronto Computer Repair Services technicians also provide services such as hardware or software upgrades, installation of accessories such as printers, scanner, fax... Basically troubleshoot any home or business PC needs.
We love technology and we can always find the right tool for any application that you have in mind.

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Service That Goes Above And Beyond


For most service calls in Toronto we offer same day repair. If the PC is not fixed on the spot, we can offer you a free computer loan during the period of your repair (subject to availability). Learn more.


Best Service Rates & Value

We offer highly competitive rates and quality repairs. Furthermore, all of our hardware prices are guaranteed (we match or beat prices offered by major discount electronic stores such as Bestbuy and Futureshop in the Toronto area). Another reason why our service is right for you is that you can set a budget and we’ll let you know what can be done with it.

Furthermore Toronto Computer Repair Services offers you free information on computer maintenance and internet safety.

Trusted Service

quality Above all the quality repairs and installation services that our technicians have completed in Toronto, the reason for our success is you. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.

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Our Mission


Our company's mission is to provide you with quality and cost effective solution based on your needs.

We are in the business of helping people and businesses from the Toronto area repair their computers, and maintain them in an optimal configuration.

Our company wishes to grow based on word to mouth marketing, so you can be sure that we will do the necessary to become Toronto's number one computer repair source.


We Support Environmental initiatives

Our way of keeping Toronto green. We are committed toward environmental protection. We go beyond simply recycling damaged hardware, we make all the efforts to repair your computer without the need for new parts, as well as provide you with a fast running computer fulfilling all your computing needs.

Furthermore, we offer 100% free IT solution for anyone who presents true environmental initiatives (hardware not included and subject to our own discretion).

We will also explain why these problems have occurred to prevent future issues with your PC.

Toronto green


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Common Problems we Repair!

Hardware & Software Issues

boot partition Computer shows a blue screen.

hard drive Recovery of lost Data.

troubleshoot Computer won't boot, partition issues.

secure Security & Data Protection.

wireless Network Setup & Troubleshoot.

motherboard Windows locked, lost Password.

power supply Computer won't start at all.

virus Computer shutting down.

bugs PC not responding, freezing, crashing,...

hard drive Hardware Installation & Upgrade.

technician Software Installation & Upgrade.

antivirus Virus, worm and spyware infections.

parts Overheating problems, cooling solutions.

video card Computer is very slow.

And much more...


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All your needs served with Toronto Computer Repair Services
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