Frequently asked questions

To answer that question we need to diagnose the problem. Depending on the nature of the problem, you might be able to profit from our remote repair to have your computer examined.
We also provide On-site services. Our travel fee is $74.99 and the hourly rate is $149.99 charged to the minute so you only pay for what you get.
We guarantee and stand by all the work that was done for you. If there is any issue with the repair or general work, we'll either make it right at no extra cost to you or we'll refund your money as per our discretion.
For most service calls in Toronto we offer same day repair. If the PC is not fixed on the spot, we can offer you a free computer loan during the period of your repair (subject to availability).
We are not retailers and our technicians are not store clerks. We do however provide you with all the available products as required by you or the repair at the most competitive rates.
Yes, we do replace broken laptop screens. You can call us to inquire about the part availability and price.
Yes, our technician will come to you, test all the necessary Hardware and Software to pinpoint the fault in your system, and provide you with all available options.Most of the time, if there are no major problems, the computer is repaired onsite during that first visit.
Yes, all staff with access to our client's data are background checked through Toronto Police before getting onboard. Furthermore, all staff has to agree and sign a non-disclosure confidentiality clause in their employment contract.
Our technical staff is of the highest caliber with all staff having a minimum of a University degree in engineering or related science bachelors. Furthermore, our staff is always learning about the new technology in order to keep up with the industry and provide you with cutting edge services.
We do accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and corporate cheques.